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Picture of STYLUS NEEDLE Seeburg Yellow Showcase

STYLUS NEEDLE Seeburg Yellow Showcase

Seeburg Yellow Showcase Diamond 1966 onwards NEW
Manufacturer: Seeburg

Diamond  STYLUS  =  NEEDLE  for  many

S e e b u r g

vinyl record jukes produced starting with 

the SS-160 Stereo Showcase in 1966 and onwards.

Swiss-manufactured Diamond stylus.

Yellow Seeburg Showcase stylus - wedge-shaped.   Also referred to as Astatic SE-103-7D and 4728-D7.   Seeburg part #253719.  

This stylus being sold here is a brand new 7 mil polished conical   DIAMOND   stylus designed to track at 2.5 to 3.5 grams.  {NOTE: Seeburg 160 selection jukes from the 1966 model SS-160 onwards were designed to play at 2.5 to 3.5 grams needle pressure with the original stylus being either yellow (diamond) or violet (sapphire); the 100 selection models produced during that period were designed to play with 4.5 to 5.5 grams stylus pressure and were originally fitted with tan/brown (sapphire) or green (diamond) needles). This yellow diamond stylus can be used on all 160 and 100 selection models shown in the list below.}

Also used on Sound Leisure (UK) jukes.  Please carefully visually check your stylus - email me if in doubt!

FIRST USED IN:  SEEBURG SHOWCASE JUKEBOXES (1966) and then used in jukes using the Pickering Redhead 340-0xx (e.g 345-03D) Cartridge (referred to by some as a V-204 cartridge).  

TYPICALLY USED IN:  SEEBURG MODELS: SS 160 Stereo Showcase (1966),    LS1 Spectra (1967),    S-100 Jet aka Phono-Jet (1967),    SS-160 Showcase (1967),    LS2 Gem (1968),    LS3 Apollo (1969) (includes LS-310, LS-325 & LS-325N),    SE-100 Golden Jet (1970),    USC-1 Musical Bandshell (1970),    USC-2 Firestar (1971),    SX-100 Marauder (1972),    SPS-160 Olympian (1972),    SPS-2 Matador (1973),    FC 1 Regency (1973),    SL 100 & ESL 100 Carnival (1973),    SQS-160 Vogue 1 Quadraphonic First Edition (1974),    STD-160 Vogue 11 (1974),     SB 100 Magnastar (1975),    STD-2 & ESTD-2 Entertainer (1976),    STD-3 & ESTD-3 Sunstar (1976),    100-77D Topaz (1977),    FC 2 & EFC 2 Hutch (Console) (1976),    100-78D Celestia (1978),    STD-4  & ESTD-4 Mardi Gras (also known as "Console") (1977),    SMC 1 Disco 160 (1978),    SMC 2 & ESMC 2 Phoenix (1979),    SMC 3 Prelude (1984). (This listing comprising model #'s, model names and first-release dates is copyright 2012 Erwin Boot & Flamingo Records, Hobart and may not be used without authority.)

BRAND NEW.   Email me on   or through eBay for a listing of other brand new stylii for juke boxes or for any juke box queries - I will do my best to answer every question you throw at me! 

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I have owned, operated, collected and repaired (and loved!) juke boxes for more than 44 years and may be able to help you with service information and/or details of parts availability. 

I also stock stylii needles for most jukes manufactured after 1950 by AMI, Rowe-AMI, Rowe, Rock-Ola, NSM, Seeburg, Wurlitzer (American and German manufacture), Bergmann, Jupiter, Eltec, Harting, Atari-Jupiter etc.

All sales are final. Settlement expected   within 5 days from auction end   unless you are still bidding on current items - if so, please let us know.


Postage within Australia: $5.00 for 1 or 2 stylii/needles - any type.  Pick up from our office in Hobart is available. Multiple purchases, even over as long as 10 days, will gladly be combined for you.  No extra postage charge on a second stylus - even if it's a different type!

Overseas: $9.00 for 1 or 2 stylii/needles any type; (Italy $19 includes insurance). Multiple purchases, even over as long as 10 days, will gladly be combined for you. No extra postage charge on a second stylus - even if it's a different type!     NOTE:  No sendings to Central and South America, the African continent, Poland, Greece and Russia. The postal services are far too unreliable in those regions. If you live in these areas and want this item, email me first.

We will happily combine purchases (lamps, juke box needles, records, CD’s, manuals etc.) made over a 10 day period (or even longer by arrangement) into the one economical sending.  Email me on     for details. 


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