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Welcome to Flamingo Records !

      We are a company based in Australia, in the island state of Tasmania.

      We started life as a juke box operating company (Automatic Music Co.) in 1967, specialising in Rowe-AMI jukes, but then gradually ending up with Rock-Ola and NSM vinyl record jukes as well.

      In the early 90's when the Australian record companies suddenly stopped producing 7" vinyl records, we had a very large exposure on vinyl record jukes, and we had to quickly find suppliers of current Top 40 records for these jukes of ours. After many overseas phone calls and faxes, and several trips around the world, we managed to secure supplies for ourselves, and eventually our friends in the business around Australia and New Zealand heard that we were getting records through OK, and asked us to supply them too.

      From this, the record distribution side of our business grew.

      Over time, we bought Flamingo Records - a record production company which had been based in Sydney as part of Discontinued Records. In 1998, because of the size of the record and CD distribution business, we split the distribution (and record manufacturing) business away from Automatic Music and slipped it in under the Flamingo banner.

      Flamingo Records holds about 20,000 brand new oldies 7" vinyl records in stock (over about 2000 titles) which we have secured from all around the world. There are many very rare issues in our stocks.

      Further to that, we have about 100,000 used records of which around 30,000 haven't even been filed yet! Goodness knows what goodies are in amongst that lot!

      We welcome you to Flamingo Records' web pages - please use the order form and/or the email facility to contact us, or alternatively, call us on + 61 418 127514 (we are 10 hours ahead of GMT). (I'm sorry that we cannot handle walk-in callers).

      We sincerely welcome your comments about our page and our stock, and please let us know if there are any particular records which you would like us to try to source.

      Please note: We are not associated in any way with any other company in the world using "Flamingo" in their name. Flamingo Records (of Australia) produces 7" vinyl records and distributes 7" vinyl and CD's to record and CD collectors world-wide.

                                                Erwin Boot

                                               FLAMINGO  RECORDS

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