Site Policies

Privacy Policy

The data collected from this site is stored exclusively in our databases.  We do not share this information with anybody.  During the ordering process you will be asked for contact details, which are for our use, if we need to contact you.  These details will not be released to third parties.  This data may be used to send you details of special offers we have, or to notify you that our lists of records and CD's have been updated.

Return/Exchange Policy

Items that have a manufacturing fault will be replaced.  Items that are damaged in transit are the responsibility of the client/transit company.  If you have a problem with a purchase from Flamingo Records, please email Erwin at 

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that gets stored on your computer in your temporary internet files folder.  This file cannot perform any action, it is simply there to temporarily store data relevant to your computer.  It cannot be used to read files, or perform malicious actions (or any action) and it is only possible for a site that gave you a cookie to read it's contents, we don't read other sites cookies, and they don't read ours.

This site makes use of cookies as identification of your shopping cart.  The information that is stored in this cookie reveals the ID of your cart and nothing else, no personal details are stored in the cookie.  It also enables us to store the contents of your cart for a certain period of time, after you have left the site, to allow the construction of a cart, and placing the order at a later time.  The cookies are set to expire after 3 hours of leaving the site.

Due to this being the only technology available to store this kind of information this site requires that you have cookies enabled.  To enable change the setting under the Internet Options of your browser.

Legal Issues/Complaints

The site supplied by the Communications Law Centre at should contain all the required information, to check out the legal issues surrounding eCommerce, make a complaint, or just find out more about eCommerce in general.  Another site with legal information regarding eCommerce is  Complaints should also be directed to

Transaction Details

Orders are placed according to the following method:

1.  The order is compiled by performing searches, and selecting records and CD's from those results.

2.  The order is placed, by viewing the cart, making any necessary changes, and clicking place order.

3.  At this stage it is possible to print out a copy of the order, for the customers personal records.

4.  The order is then sent to Erwin, at which stage, he will compile the prices for the order, and then send the order back to the customer for confirmation.

5.  After Erwin receives confirmation of the price, he will then send the order, to the specified delivery address.

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